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Calling instructions for Skagen


Dear capt, We have the pleasure of supplying bunker to your good ship. Here with please find our calling instructions to secure a smooth operation off skaw.


Rendezvous position off skaw


Coordinates: 57,42-00n // 10,35-50e


If possible, pls use port side anchor.

Master must give notice of arrival 72/48/24/12/6 hours prior arrival to r/v- position to nordic. Marine oil on below contact details:




Supplying barge is: m/t “gaia nordic” – phone no.: +45 4015 2054.

Ship to contact "Danish navy control" on vhf channel 16 two hours prior arrival and again upon Departure.


Pilot information


Please be aware that pilot is compulsory for tankers in the r/v-position at skaw stated above if any of the following criterias are met:

"In internal and external territorial waters there is an obligation for ships to use a pilot if they:


  1. are carrying oil or have uncleaned cargo tanks that have not been rendered safe with inert air.
  2. are carrying chemicals.
  3. are carrying gases.
  4. have more than 5,000 t bunker oil onboard or
  5. are carrying highly radioactive material".


Vessels should send request for pilot min 18 hours in advance direct to dan pilot:
Tel no +45 6325 6666
Fax no +45 6250 1528


Information regarding stamps on the bdr:


We accept “ship stamp” or “signed for quantity and temperature only” on the bdr. All other stamps will be rejected on the bdr. Vessel may issue a separate document with all other relevant stamps that the vessel wish to use and the supply tanker will sign for receipt only.


Pre-arrival information


  1. Ship’s name.
  2. Flag.
  3. Imo number and mmsi number.
  4. Call sign.
  5. Inmarsat/mobilphone if any.
  6. Tonnage grt/nrt/dwt.
  7. Iast port of call prior arival off skaw.
  8. Agent in last port of call.
  9. Vessel's next port of call after skaw.
  10. In ballast or loaded.
  11. Cargo details if loaded.
  12. Vessel's arrival draft.
  13. Freebord at bunker manifold.
  14. Size and position of bunker manifold.
  15. Teceiving rate per grade and ability to receive different grades simultaneously.
  16. No later than 24 hrs prior arrival master must fax/telex/e-mail a complete copy of vessel's crew List.
  17. Is the vessel isps certified?
  18. Please state vessel's current security level.
  19. Please state vessel's security level in the 10 previous port calls.
  20. If you want the bunker barge to forward your bunker samples to your testing service. You must provide us with the following details: proper packing, proforma invoice and shipping details.


Please note: we can land your samples from our bunker barge on a weekly basis at a cost of usd 150,00 or we can arrange for a launchboat to collect the samples right after bunkering at the cost of usd 650,00.


Invoice for landing of samples will be arranged separately.


We are looking forward to serving you.