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Vision, mission & values


Our vision and mission drive the success of our company and help us make the right strategic decisions. In this way, they act as a guiding star towards the future.






Natural energy partner


At Malik Energy A/S, we want to be the natural partner that ensures the optimal energy solution for customers. We offer the maritime industry and others, with a comprehensive energy need, value in relation to service, security of supply, know-how and tailor-made solutions. Through strong supplier collaboration and resource base, local presence, and recognized employees, we solve customers’ needs in a proper and responsible way.

  • Synergy

    We believe that collaboration raises the quality of our results. We show trust, we care and take responsibility for our actions.

  • Professional

    We have a professional approach and great business understanding while focusing on providing a high level of service.

  • Observant

    We prioritize quality and safety and seek a work process that provides zero damage to people and the environment.

  • Think new

    We are forward-thinking and look for new (green) solutions. We challenge the established truths and work on providing future energy solutions.