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About us


Malik Energy A/S is a part of Malik Group. A Danish privately-owned company, has experienced significant growth since 1989 and is now a leading player in the supply and trade of marine fuel. The group includes both Malik Energy A/S and Malik Supply A/S, which form the core of Malik Group. Our expertise lies in providing tailored fuel solutions to the maritime sector. Through our own terminals and bunker vessels in Denmark, we serve customers from all parts of the maritime industry.

Malik House, our headquarters, is located in Aalborg, Denmark, where both Malik Energy A/S and Malik Supply A/S are based. Our client and partner network spans the globe, reflecting our international reach. Malik Group comprises more than 80 dedicated employees, including our dock workers along the Danish coasts, and our offices in Fredericia, Aalborg, Greece, and Greenland. We demonstrate a professional and business-oriented understanding, always focusing on delivering high-quality service to our customers in the maritime sector.


We believe in the power of synergy, where solidarity and partnership is the driver towards sustainable solutions. In our journey towards creating a greener future and driving innovation, we embrace transformation as the key to change and growth.



Biofuel represents the future of energy

We have taken the first steps towards a greener future and can offer customers sustainable marine fuel. This provides you the opportunity to reduce up to 80% of GHG emissions with no investment in motor and infrastructure.

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