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A more sustainable marine fuel

Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed offers the shipowner, cargoowner and charterers an immediate solution to the reduction of GHG including CO2 emissions with up to 80%. Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed is ISO 8217 compliant, and therefore it does not require any kind of investment in new machinery or associated equipment i.e Low CAPEX.

Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed is available at all of our terminals, bunker facilities and bunker vessels and can be supplied in all other ports by truck.

Start your transition today for immediate reduction of GHG and CO2 emissions.



Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed.

Up to 80%* GHG/CO2 emissions starting today


From focusing on direct emissions to reducing emissions across value chains.

  • Easy to switch

    A drop in fuel ready to use on existing vessels and engines. ISO 8217 compliant.

  • Consistent quality

    Good compatibility and a composition similar to conventiona marine fuels.

  • Low capex

    No investment in infrastructure needed. Increase lifespan for existing assets.

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The future

is green.

New solutions

At Malik Energy we are monitoring the future evolment of new low to zero emmision fuels very carefully together with our customers and partners.

The future of eFuels such as Methanol and ammonia are progressing on the innovation side.


Service and availability

We are striving for excellence in service and availability of marine fuels. In the wider supply chain, we at Nordic Marine Oil are dedicated to ensuring shipowners have local access to these fuels in the ports needed.