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 Marine gasoil


Our focus and highest priority is to supply the best quality of marine gasoil. We have a huge network of suppliers located around the world, always enabling us to follow the journey of the gasoil from the refinery to the rail of your ship.




  • ISO 8217:2010

  • Marine gasoil DMA maximum 0.86 density

  • Supply chain management

  • Individual solutions


& on-time


On-time deliveries
We prioritize efficiency and our customers' time schedules to reassure on-time delivery of marine gasoil.


Strong customer focus
Our professional staff strive to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers when delivering marine gasoil. 

Finding the right solution

We primarily supply marine gasoil DMA maximum 0.86 density, but if other densities are required, such as 0.88 or 0.89 density, we can manage that as well.

To Malik Energy A/S bunkers are not just bunkers, but an individual energy solution based on a dialogue with our customers.