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Hvide Sande


Hvide Sande is a fishing town in West Jutland with almost 3,000 inhabitants, located in the Holmsland Klit Parish in the middle of the Holmsland Klit isthmus. The town is situated in the Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality and belongs to the Central Denmark Region. Hvide Sande has developed around the large sluice system between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord, which was built in 1931.


In Hvide Sande we operate our own terminal and deliver primarily via bunker barge or from the self-service facility located by quay 99. Storage size: 200 cubic meters

Port information:

Quay 99
Maximum depth of 6 metres and maximum ship length of approximately 100 meters.


Industrikaj 14, 6960 Hvide Sande

  • Delivery with bunker barge
  • Self-service facility
  • Delivery with truck

Self-service for your convenience

The self-service facility in Hvide Sande is located by quay 99 - see map.

Port of Hvide Sande


Hvide Sande Port, often dubbed as the "Port of Solutions," stands as a reliable ally, providing top-tier port and service amenities to streamline your business operations. Catering to diverse commercial endeavors, the primary clientele contribute to cargo and freight activities, bolstering maritime transport of goods, fishing, passenger services, and other ventures necessitating proximity to the port.

Beyond its fishing origins, Hvide Sande Port boasts comprehensive port infrastructure for efficient handling and transportation of goods and bulk materials. Moreover, the harbor offer specialized zones tailored to the needs of the offshore industry.


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Self-service with your own fuel card

With a personal fuel card, you have easy access to marine gas oil, around the clock and at competitive prices. The service is available in Strandby, Skagen, Hvide Sande, Hirtshals, Hanstholm, Thyborøn, Esbjerg and Gedser.