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 Delivery with bunker barge


Malik Energy A/S operates its own fleet of bunker barges. The bunker barges are located in several ports across Denmark. Always ready to supply bunkers to any type of vessel. We are available and ready to service you wherever you require the bunkers. Our fleet of bunker barges are fully equipped to ensure efficient and safe deliveries in accordance with all international standards as well as in line with local regulations.









  • Flexible operation adapted to weather conditions

  • Safety as a main priority

  • Tailor-made bunkering solutions

  • Flawless execution


the clock


Available when you need us

With Malik Energy A/S your bunker supply is in good hands with round the clock service, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 


Professional staff

Our crew onboard the bunker barges is professional and educated to handle any situation during a bunkering operation.

Safety first

Malik Energy A/S performs every bunker supply with the utmost attention bearing our clients' needs and safety of the operation above all.

Our main priority when bunkering vessels in port or offshore is always that the bunkering procedure development and implementation occur in a chain of planned stages to avoid any form of negligence or operational error.

We believe that great service begins and ends with an experienced and dedicated crew.

A more sustainable marine fuel

Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed is a solution to global and corporate emission reduction targets.

We can deliver TODAY for immediate reduction up to 80% of CO2 emissions.