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In Esbjerg we operate our own terminal and supply primarily via bunker barge, directly from pipeline by quay 101 and 102 or from the self-service facility located by quay 7 at “Nordhavnen”. Storage size: 28.000 CBM. Our barges, the Føniks Supporter with a capacity of 375 CBM, Stathav 22 with 250 CBM, Kirsten Gulev with 70 CBM, and Stathav 3, operate in Esbjerg port.

Port information:


Olievej 5, 6700 Esbjerg

Quay 101
Maximum depth of 10,5 metres and maximum ship length of approximately 150 metres.

Quay 102
Maximum depth of 7,5 metres and maximum ship length of approximately 130 metres.

Quay 7
Maximum depth of 3,9 metres and maximum ship length of approximately 40 metres.

  • Delivery from ex-pipe
  • Delivery with bunker barge
  • Self-service facility
  • Delivery with truck

Self-service for your convenience

The self-service facility in Esbjerg is located by quay 7 in "Nordhavnen" - see map.

Port of Esbjerg

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Self-service with your own fuel card

With a personal fuel card, you have easy access to marine gas oil, around the clock and at competitive prices. The service is available in Strandby, Skagen, Hvide Sande, Hirtshals, Hanstholm, Thyborøn, Esbjerg and Gedser.