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 Self-service facility


At Malik Energy A/S we have modern self-service facilities strategically located in several Danish ports. With a Malik Energy fuel card you can easily, quickly and at all times bunker marine gasoil whenever you need it. This ensures making bunkering easy and flexible.


Card ordering



  • Flexibility

  • Availability

  • On-time delivery

  • High quality adapted to season

to use.

Best service

We strive to provide the best service when and where you as a customer need it.


Easy access

Once you have acquired a Malik Energy fuel card you can use it at all our self-service facilities. The facilities are easy to access and easy to use.


Self-service locations

You can find our self-service facilities in several Danish ports:

- Skagen
- Hirtshals
- Hanstholm
- Thyborøn
- Esbjerg
- Gedser
- Strandby
- Hvide Sande

Malik Energy fuel card

With a Malik Energy fuel card you can easily operate our self-service facilities. You can use the facilities 24/7 in several Danish ports.