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 Lubricating oil


Malik Energy A/S is considered a multi-branded supplier of lubricants within the maritime sector in Denmark. We offer a wide and complete range such as MOBILE, TEXACO, FUCHS (formerly Statoil), KLÛBER, Q8 and SHELL to the maritime industry.




  • Good quality products

  • Clean products in original packaging

  • Multiple brands

  • Professional assistance and service

Service &



Lubricant specialists


It matters which lubricating oil is used for the engine. For this reason, it is always a good idea to consult a professional supplier of lubricating oil before ordering.

At Malik Energy we know that a good lubricating oil protects the vital parts of the engine and prevents accidental wear and – in the worst case – accidents.


We have many years of experience with lubricating oil.  We stock a wide range of engine oils as well as hydraulic oils and greases. Whether you need a supply of lubricating oil in drums or bulk, Malik Energy A/S is ready to provide the best service and short-term delivery in all Danish ports.

Our experts can guide you

Being a supplier of lubricating oil requires an in-depth knowledge. Our lubricating oil team has many years of experience and can guide you in choosing the right lubricating oil for your engine or the need for an oil analysis.