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Malik Energy A/S operates its own terminals. The geographical locations in Denmark guarantee you a great flexibility in choosing port whenever you need high-quality marine gasoil.

Our team of experienced employees ensures that you receive low sulphur marine gasoil DMA maximum 0.86 density and sulphur max 0.1 %, always well within the ISO 8217:2010 specifications. Furthermore, Malik Energy A/S is a multi-branded supplier of lubricating oils to the maritime Industry.

  • Self-service facility
  • Delivery with bunker barge
  • Delivery from ex-pipe
  • Delivery with truck

Flexibility &

on-time delivery

We have our own staff in all major Danish fishing ports. Our local employees enables us to provide a flexible service by various delivery methods as we operate our own terminals, vessels and self-service facilities.

  • High-quality marine gasoil DMA

  • Flexibility

  • Trust and mutual respect

  • Individual solutions

Let's work together

Reach out to our sales department for any questions or inquiries.

A more sustainable marine fuel

Neste Marine TM 0.1 Co-processed is a solution to global and corporate emission reduction targets.

We can deliver TODAY for immediate reduction up to 80% of GHG emissions.