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Hanstholm is a fishing town in Thy with 2,088 inhabitants, located in the Hansted Parish. The town belongs to Thisted Municipality and is situated in the North Jutland Region. Its name originates from the fishing village of Hansted, which is situated at the western end of the limestone cliff located at the northwest point of Jutland.

About the Malik terminal
In Hanstholm we operate our own terminal and supply primarily via bunker barge directly from pipeline quay 43 or from one of the seIf-service facilities located by quay 23 and quay 18 and 81. Our bunker barges name is Jette - 55 CBM. 



Christian Schrøders Gade 24, 7730 Hanstholm

Port information:

Quay 43

Maximum depth of 7,5 metres and maximum ship length of 135 metres.

Quay 23

Maximum depth of 7,5 metres and maximum ship length of approximately 110 metres.

Quay 18/81

Maximum depth of 7,5 metres and maximum ship length of approximately 135 metres.

  • Delivery with bunker barge
  • Self-service facility
  • Delivery from ex-pipe
  • Delivery with truck

Self-service for your convenience

The self-service facility in Hanstholm is located by quay 18 and 81 in "Bassin 8" - See map.

Port of Hanstholm


Hanstholm Port stands as a premier fishing hub in Denmark, renowned for its dominance in the edible fish market. Hosting the esteemed Hanstholm Fish Auction, among Europe's foremost, the port facilitates the sale of approximately 40,000 tonnes of fish annually to domestic and international buyers. Additionally, a multitude of enterprises engaged in fish processing, export, and various maritime services call the port home. Collectively, the Port of Hanstholm forms a comprehensive value chain for fishing and its diverse associated endeavors.

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Self-service with your own fuel card

With a personal fuel card, you have easy access to marine gas oil, around the clock and at competitive prices. The service is available in Strandby, Skagen, Hvide Sande, Hirtshals, Hanstholm, Thyborøn, Esbjerg and Gedser.