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Urea 40% Solution
for marine


The partnership between Malik Energy A/S and Yara marks a significant advancement in the maritime industry's pursuit of more sustainable fuel solutions. By combining our expertise, we're improving accessibility to Urea 40% Solution and transforming its supply and distribution across maritime routes.

Yara's global reputation for quality and sustainability in producing Urea 40% Solution complements our values at Malik Energy, ensuring a seamless collaboration focused on excellence and environmental responsibility.

Our partnership facilitates supply arrangements in all Northern European ports, guaranteeing timely access to Urea 40% Solution for vessels meeting emissions standards. It spans from major hubs like Rotterdam to smaller ports across Scandinavia, ensuring reliable delivery and support.

Beyond Northern Europe, our global network, combined with Yara's reach, offers assistance worldwide, supporting vessels wherever they navigate. Together, we're driving positive change in the maritime sector, advancing towards a more sustainable future for cleaner seas and generations to come.


For your safety and peace of mind, please click the link below to download the MSDS - Safety Data Sheet.

This document contains essential information regarding the proper handling, storage, and emergency procedures related to the product. Familiarizing yourself with the SDS ensures you have the necessary knowledge to use the product safely and effectively.

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out. Your safety is our top priority.

Day to day



Environmental requirements


Since January 1st, 2021, new emission regulations (IMO Tier 3) were enforced applying to all maritime diesel engines. This meant new requirements to the engine’s exhaust of nitrogen oxide (NOx). The compliance with IMO Tier 3 is a big move towards cleaner operations.


Upon request, we can also supply AdBlue (AUS32).

Our experts can guide you

Our team is ready to help and can guide you in the selection and delivery of Urea 40% Solution (AUS40) and AdBlue (AUS32).

  • Availability

  • Strong strategic partnership with Yara in Denmark

  • Short supply chain - delivered directly from production

  • Flexible & customized solutions